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Mystic Things

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Mystic Things description
In Mystic Things, the objective is to achieve the highest possible score by clicking on things of matching colour (Yellow, Red, Green or Blue). This causes a chain reaction that clears the board and gives you score. You can submit your top 3 scores online and in that way compete with other players from around the world!

There are 3 variations of the game, each with a different level of complexity:

1. Basic version

Click on 2 or more adjacent things of the same colour to clear them off the board (called a “match”). There are no combos, power-ups or level-ups to complicate the scoring and gameplay. It’s pure and simple. This is a nice place to start when playing the game for the first time.

2. Mega version

Click on 3 or more adjacent things of the same colour to clear them off the board. To make things more interesting, there are hybrid things on the board that combine 2 colours. Several powerups can be found scattered across the board. These are explained further down. In this version, you also achieve a level-up after completing a certain amount of matches. At each level-up, additional things rain onto the board, giving you more opportunity to increase your score.

3. Ultra version

This version is similar to the Mega version, with the addition of the Combo feature. The combo area on the right of the screen stores a list of the last four colours you clicked. If you combine the combo colours in the right way, you get a bonus score. An example of a combo is the Nature combo, which is achieved by getting four green matches in a row. It is up to you to discover the other hidden combos! The level-up system in the Ultra version is also slightly different: the empty area of the screen is completely refilled when you get a level-up, instead of just a few things raining down as in the Mega version.
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Mystic Things
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