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33 Corners: Adventure

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important software information
company name:
Timothy Dekin
license: Shareware
minimum requirements: 400 MHz processor, 64 Mb of memory, 3D accelerator, DirectX 8.1 or higher
functional limitations:
33 Corners: Adventure description

Unique gameplay! Such Puzzle you've never seen! If you want to have fun and develop your mind both! If you feel like having wonderful adventures in the world full of magic! If you are fond of getting surprising bonuses! If you are always willing to laugh at a big joke
and at the same time enjoy using all your brains! Then get ready for exciting trip through the world of a Real Magic Game!
Think and fun: Magic Championship awaits you!

Wallpaper - Original - Logic - Game - Puzzle - Develop - Fun - Adventure - Magic - Children - Kid - Unique - Mind - Spell - Bonus - Innovation - Gameplay - Imagination - Kitten - Gamagama - Think - Corner - Spellbook - Tactic - Championship - Gamzy - Artus - Dwarf - Stranger
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33 Corners: Adventure
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supported os's
    Windows 98
    Windows Me
    Windows 2000
    Windows XP
    Windows 2003
downloads 38
price $19.95
version 1.5
size in Kb 9,416
user rating 6/10
our rating 0 Stars
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