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Ka-Yaru description
Ka-Yaru is puzzle game based on Egyptian mythology and thematic elements. The game tests visual recognition by varying symbol-matching games, and also deals with hand-eye coordination through fast-paced time goals. The player must complete sets of symbols - which vary each level - and also translate sets of heiroglyphs to gain special powers and bonuses. Each level the time is limited: should the amount allotted for a level expire, the game ends.

By acquiring special bonuses the player earns the ability to influence and change the challenges of the game. Earned bonuses can be used and consumed to acquire bonus points, lessen the required symbols, or add extra time. The game becomes increasingly dynamic as the player acquires more powers and bonus abilities.

The game is further complicated by the emergence of random events. There are 20 events in the game and any of the 20 can be triggered during play. Each event has a different effect on gameplay: some add time, some subtract time; other events grant bonus resources, and some take resources away.

Every five levels the player earns the right to build a great monument: pyramids, sphinx, book of the dead, and necropolis. Each monument adds a persistent bonus during the game-play levels - such as additional time, scoring multipliers, or both. Monuments cost precious resources to build and can be demolished to recover resources if the player is in need.

In the registered version of the game, players have access to difficulty levels which affect timer speed, scoring, and extra events. Also the player can save or load their game at any time. Saved games retain all bonus resources, monuments, and all achievements done by the player. A new mode - Deity Ankh mode - is available in the registered version.

The free mode of Ka-Yaru can be played without restriction for as long as the player wishes; however, the registered features are available with a license key.
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