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Roman Empire

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Roman Empire description
Roman Empire is a fast paced strategy game where you as a new Caesar will conquer the Europe. You will have for it almost 500 years starting in 753 BC and finishing when your Rome was at its greatest extent around 117 AD. Drag your units between cities to attack enemy or defend your cities from attack. To win, use the right tactic and take over all villages and cities. Optionally, you can play and compare your scores with friends, just connect with Facebook or Live account to find them. Trial version will let you play first 10 levels without any limitations. Features 32 different maps with unique graphics and tactical terrain features. Large map of Europe with your current location. Complete levels to move to the next ones. Tutorial with videos presenting how to play. Play with your friends from Facebook and Live. Nicely presented historical facts about the Roman Empire.Release notes: New ReleaseNew languages.Fix for losing game state if game crash. [ Roman Empire full changelog ]
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Roman Empire
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