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Snake Game Station

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Snake Game
license: Freeware
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Snake Game Station description

Enjoy a classic snake game and relax in the year of the black water snake 2013. Enjoy the soothing ocean music while eating sushi and going for the high score. The longer your tails gets, the faster you go! Can you fill up the entire screen? This is the chinese year of the water snake and will bring some good luck. Others may have a struggle in this year, however, this game will help you to enjoy the year and laugh a little bit. You can use the mouse or arrow keys to control the snake. Use the spacebar to pause the game. Let us know what you think! We can add more foods to eat and different levels. The water snake year only happens every 60 years. Be sure and learn more about your chinese zodiac animal sign and see if it will be a good learn more health, love and fortune. According to ancient chinese lore, the snake likes to keep to itself and chill. Dont step on it or you may just get bitten! These are just a sample of the fun stories you hear from the good folks at!Requirements: Unity Web Player

Original - Free - Classic - Astrology - Zodiac - Chinese Astrology - Feng Shui - Retro - Snake Game - Chinese Zodiac - Old School - Snake Games - Gamestation - Water Snake - Year Of The Snake - Fire Snake - Earth Snake - Wood Snake - Metal Snake - Chinese New Year
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Snake Game Station
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version 1.0
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