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Collector's Joy

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Gorman Business Services
license: Shareware
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Collector's Joy description

Collector's Joy - Catalog collections with pictures displayed beautifully. For each catalog, you decide what data to include, how to organize it, and how to apply pictures for your enjoyment. The two slide shows and the thumbnails view are automatic. Collections can be made for any set of objects including websites (click to go there), email lists and any other data list. Because of the included pictures, collections can be enjoyed every day.
The catalog pictures can be viewed with the included full - featured picture organizer and two slide show facilities. Because of the incorporated pictures Collector’s Joy is perfect for inventories, graphics lists, digital picture handling and any other list where pictures would be useful. Organize pictures located anywhere on your computer. Pictures remain where they are. No tags, no renaming required. For long lists a search facility lets you easily find any item. Practical lists can contain 10,000 items or more. The amount of data stored for each item is not limited. It is very easy to set up a new project for Collector’s Joy reporting. Start with loading pictures. Retrieve pictures from a folder and view them immediately in a slide show. Quickly done because pictures are not moved or copied. Add project or picture data to each picture and that item is done. Special data handling includes web sites and email addresses. Make lists of either for your convenience. A column can be formatted for web site addresses. Click any address and go direct to the site through your browser. Any email address in any list can be enabled to start your email handler with the proper recipient entered. Collector’s Joy list handling is unique in that each list is saved as a comma delimited text file readable by any spreadsheet or workstation database and that searching for files is eliminated. Every file in use is kept available by a listing right where you can click to bring it up.

Inventory - Collectors - Web Pages - Web Sites - Collections - Email List - Catalog Anything - Search Lists - Picture Album - Graphics Storage
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Collector's Joy
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supported os's
    Windows 95
    Windows 98
    Windows Me
    Windows NT
    Windows 2000
    Windows XP
downloads 62
price $22.88
version 1.0
size in Kb 1,564
user rating 4/10
our rating 0 Stars
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