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SD WinHider

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SysDevSoftware Ltd.
license: Shareware
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SD WinHider description
SD WinHider is the utility to quickly hide/restore your windows, as well as hide and restore system tray icons. Make your desktop space free for more programs! Features: * Hides/restores any window on your desktop; * Hides/restores system tray icons (like ICQ, AOL etc.); * Makes any window transparent! (from 0 to 90%... Don't you want to loose it?); * Uses keyboards shortcuts to hide/show windows and make them transparent. Use Alt+Home/End to show/hide window and Alt+PgUP/PgDown to make window more/less 'solid'; * Uses own tray icon to activate self; it could be removed by configuration. You may use Alt+Up/Down arrows to show/hide application window; * Fast window hide (by pressing both left and right mouse buttons on window); you can turn this off in setup; * Can start with windows; * You can show/hide windows/icons just by 'turning on/off' them in interface; * You can activate manus for icons just by clicking them in usual way in application interface; works even if real icon is hidden; * 3 settings only! Visit our site for details!
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SD WinHider
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price $14.95
version 1.15.1
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