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Hunters Notebook

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River Valley NWC
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Hunters Notebook description
High-performance database technology, time-saving data-entry shortcuts and 55 different report combinations will help take your hunting season to the next level. * Track the status of each hunt by Planned, Active, Kills, Sightings and Completed Hunts * Compare Locations, Styles, Weapons, Ammo, Calls and Game of each hunt * Record date hunt started and date hunt ended * Enter unlimited, free-form style notes for each hunt * Plot your hunting locations on Google Earth From beginner to advanced, recreational to professional, anyone who hunts with rifle, shotgun, muzzleloader, bow and arrow or camera can use Hunters Notebook to record their hunting activity and increase their success. * Find out which locations, styles, weapons, ammo and calls produce the most game * Stay within regulations with accurate recording of season harvests * Print an equipment list for starting planned hunts * Keep an inventory of weapons and serial numbers * Optimize your hunting travels by plotting locations on Google Earth * Off-season keep track of sign and make planned hunts for next hunting season Time-saving data entry shortcuts and fill-in-the-blank forms keep time spent at the computer to a minimum. * Assign the most common hunting equipment as defaults for starting new hunts * Select frequently used hunt details from a drop-down list * Create new locations, styles, weapons, ammo and calls 'on-the-fly' * Enter dates by picking the day from a monthly calendar * Print hunting forms for recording details while in the field Hunters Notebook runs on Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, XP or Vista. No special memory, hard disk or video is required. If your computer will run Windows, it will run Hunters Notebook.
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Hunters Notebook
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