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Myosource Kinetic Bands

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Myosource Kinetic Bands
license: Freeware
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Myosource Kinetic Bands description

Safe, affordable and easy to use ? Easily incorporated into any training program or exercise routine ? Strengthen muscles while performing sport-specific drills or normal daily activities ? 30-Day Money Back Guarantee ? Volume Discounts Available (4 or more units) ? School Purchase Orders Accepted ? Can be used home, the office, the gym, or at practice ? Used by youth, high school, college, and professional athletic programs worldwide ? Used by Physical Therapy Professionals and Strength and Conditioning Specialists

Lose Weight - Increase Speed - Athletic Performance - Resistance Training - Kinetic Bands - Run Faster - Jump Higher - Kinect Training - Get Fit - Stay Healthy - Burn Fat And Calories
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Myosource Kinetic Bands
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supported os's
Windows Server
Windows 7
    Win7 x32
    Win7 x64
    Windows 95
    Windows 98
    Windows 2000
    Windows 2003
    WinVista x64
    Windows Vista Starter
Palm OS
    Palm OS 1.0
downloads 37
version 1.0
size in Kb 193
user rating 5/10
our rating 0 Stars
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