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My Daily Readings

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Bob Larsen
license: Freeware
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My Daily Readings description

My Daily Readings 3.60 incorporates two major improvements: Now each person using the program can configure an Insulin Names database and an Injection Sites database for themselves. When injection information is entered or edited you can select from your pre-entered information greatly speeding-up the entry process. Also the printer selection method has changed: Each time you print a report or graph you can select the printer on which you want the it printed. This is very useful for those using multiple printers. Version 3.60 still records and tracks blood sugar in any format, both systolic and diastolic blood pressure, pulse, weight in any format, and insulin injections by date and time. There is also a comments area for each reading. I tried to design My Daily Readings so even the most novice user could run the program with an absolute minimum of difficulty. All the hard things are done for you by the application. Should a question arise there is a fully integrated help system built into the program, just press F1 anytime. If you need to ask me a question my email address is in the About/About pull-down menu. My Daily Readings contains a host of utilities like backup and restore, compact database, repair database, and delete multiple readings should you ever want to, plus a new utility to convert your data from My Daily Readings 3.XX or any version of My Daily Metric Readings. Data from My Daily Readings version 3.50 does NOT require conversion. The program supports multiple users so you only need one application for the whole family or group. This application isn't just for diabetics or people suffering from hypertension, dieters and weight watcher groups could also find it useful. Of course, the large windows are retained for those who are visually challenged.Requirements: Internet explorer 3.04 or higher to read the help file.

Diabetes - Blood Sugar - Weight - Hypertension - Weight Control - Pulse - Blood Pressure - Injection Tracking
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My Daily Readings
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