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Attraction Law Dreamboard

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Law of Attraction
license: Shareware
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Attraction Law Dreamboard description
Law of attraction dream-board builder, very useful for visualization. Combines both dream board and subliminal messaging functionalities. You can create multiple dreamboards and add them to list. After that you can start the visualization process. Attraction Law Dreamboard will display them subliminally in accordance with your settings- either in the center of your computer screen, or in random locations. Images will be displayed subliminally, each of them will be visible for less than 100 milliseconds, and the entire list will be displayed at a very high frequency, imprinting your objectives directly into your subconscious mind. We guarantee that you will feel significant changes in your life after the first week of usage. You can use the program in trial mode without registration for as long as you need, however in this case it will show registration reminder window from time to time. homepageRequirements: Windows
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Attraction Law Dreamboard
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