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Oscar Andersson
license: Freeware
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UserHealth description

Perfect program for all computer users that spend several hours in front of the computer without breaks or pauses. It is also ideal for everybody that has difficulties in going to bed in time. The purpose of this program is to be your silent health and sleep supervisor! What UserHealth actually will do is provide you with regular health, pause, and go to bed messages. The messages can be displayed like small popup windows in the right corner (Almost like a MSN login popup) or if you prefer a topmost window or just sound feedback. The messages will contain suggestions about pauses and small exercise that the user can do to stimulate the body. But the main purpose is to draw attention to the user that he or she has been using the computer for a long time and maybe need to take a break. UserHealth keeps track of your active computer usage time. It is then used to display statistics to you about how much time you have been active on the computer. (It will be stored locally on your disk and will not be sent or displayed to anyone else). UserHealth will also provide you with a "Computer shutdown feature". This feature will log off/shutdown your computer on a given time. This will help you go to bed and prevent you from waste to many hours of the night doing nothing on the computer.

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