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Softwise, Lda
license: Freeware
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Abutments description

Abutments is a software that draws in CAD the entire design of a bridge abutment (plans, elevations, sections) in 2D. The data required are the main dimensions and the definition of the road layout, from which the program automatically calculates the elevation and position of the main points that define the geometry of the structure. MAIN FEATURES: Drawing of abutments in 2D with or without skew; Drawing of roadway or railway abutments; Drawing of left and right side elevations, longitudinal section, frontal elevation, top plan, footing plan and cross sections along the footways; Consideration of wingwalls or dirt walls; Consideration of abutments with counterfort or solid; Consideration of lateral and interior counterfort or just interior counterfort; Distinction between left or right abutments (entering or exiting); Consideration of roadway asymmetric footways or railway symmetrical footways; Detailing of the drainage system with multiple possibilities; Possibility of pile foundation; Automatic calculation of main points elevation based on the definition of the road layout provided by the user; Design of specific elements, such as parapet, using predefined blocks, allowing each user to implement his own details; New concept of OCtHelp ImagesOCL; Multiple languages support.

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