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AutoFEM Static Analysis

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AutoFEM Software LLP
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AutoFEM Static Analysis description
AutoFEM Static Analysis provides the calculation for the stress state of structures under forces which are constant in terms of time. To date probably this is the most demanded task in the design . By using the module "Static analysis," the engineer can evaluate the allowable stresses in design which is developed, determine drawbacks of the design and make necessary changes (optimize) the product. Static analysis also allows one to: - take into account the geometric non-linearity; - determine the stress-strain state of temperature effect; - perform calculations of contact problems; Force, pressure, rotation, acceleration, bearing load, hydrostatic pressure, torque, and temperature can be applied to the structure as external loads. To fix the structure, complete restriction of movement can be used, as well as partial restriction concerning the axes (in Cartesian, cylindrical and spherical coordinate systems). If it is assumed that under the load a part may suffer significant displacement, one should conduct static analysis which takes into account large displacements. The non-linear problem-solver organizes the process of incremental loading and provides the solution of the linear system of equations at each loading step. In addition there is a possibility to calculate stress induced by thermal field (problem of thermal elasticity). The temperature can be applied directly to the part or results of temperature calculation can be used. Main results of static analysis are as follows: - field of displacements of the structure in nodes of finite-element mesh; - field of strain; - field components of the stress; - energy of deformation; - reaction forces; - field distribution of safety factor; This information is usually sufficient to predict the behavior of structures and make a decision how to optimize the geometric shape of the product.Requirements: Works in AutoCAD 3D environment only.
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AutoFEM Static Analysis
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