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Fourier Transform Lab Student Edition

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Fourier Transform Lab Student Edition description
Fourier Transform Lab Student Edition is an advanced application designed for performing Fourier transformations, which can be useful in teaching Crystallography, since they are related to Optical Transforms (e.g. laser diffraction patterns). Furthermore one may get a quick hands-on experience with the usefulness of processing images in the frequency domain for certain band filters etc. FEATURES: TE Forward & Inverse Fourier Transform TE Low-Pass Filter TE High-Pass Filter TE Custom-Mask Filter (for removing Fourier peaks) TE Image Histograms, Images may be dragged TE Swap Phase Sets TE Randomize / Discard FT Phases TE Randomize / Discard FT Magnitudes TE Easy Image Import (Load, Paste, Drag-Drop) TE Basic Image Drawing Function (Freehand & Lattice) TE Basic Scripting Functions TE Extensive HTML Tutorial (Aubert, Lecomte) TE VISTA-Ready by using accessible user folder TE Three Fourier Java-Applets included TE View FT Image line profile; More FT data export options TE Zoomed FT Image (Alt-key); Three-column FT data export TE Batch Processing & Image Saving TE Manual FT brightness factor input
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Fourier Transform Lab Student Edition
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