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MountainsMap Scanning Topography

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MountainsMap Scanning Topography description
MountainsMap Scanning Topography is a professional application designed to perform surface analysis for 3D surface profilometers. With MountainsMap Scanning Topography, users will be able to easily analyze measurements and metrology data. It features an extensive set of surface texture parameters. FEATURES: MountainsMapT« Scanning Topography is the best in class surface analysis solution for profilometers Entry level solution with a wide range of incremental optional modules for advanced applications. Analyzes measurement data in accordance with the latest standards and methods. Straightforward upgrade path to MountainsMapT« Universal if you add a new type of instrument to your instrument park. Real time high quality 3D imaging View 3D surface topography in 24-bit colors, manipulate it in real time, apply different renderings and palettes, make movies of surface flyovers, etc. Clean up measurement data using powerful filters to remove anomalies, correct scan lines, etc. and use morphological filtering or tip deconvolution to minimize stylus or spot shape impact. Increase vertical range virtually Increase vertical range by manually patching together overlapping measurements on the vertical axis. The most popular 2D and 3D surface texture parameters Calculate 3D height and bearing ratio parameters defined in the new ISO 25178 standard and EUR 15178 (Surfstand), ISO 4287 2D primary and roughness parameters, BSI, DIN, JIS, NF, UNE and UNI equivalents of ISO parameters, together with and ASME B46.1 3D parameters. Basic analysis of surface texture and geometry Calculation of distances, angles, areas, volumes and step heights. 3D surface roughness analysis based on ISO 16610 advanced filtering techniques. Basic functional studies including bearing ratio curve, depth distribution histogram, surface subtraction and more. Analyze sub-surfaces too Use segmentation or thresholding to extract a sub-surface OCo for example a disk fixture ring, contact zone, MEMS layer or valley region - and analyze it independently, calculating parameters (e.g. flatness) for the sub-surface only. Fast surface metrology report creation The highly intuitive desktop publishing environment (in seven European languages, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and Korean) includes a page viewer for fast navigation, an analysis workflow for full metrological traceability and pass/fail traffic lights. Series of measurements can be analyzed automatically using templates and common sequences of analysis steps can be saved in a library for insertion in future reports. Data export (Excel .csv, text, bitmap, PDF).Release notes: New ReleaseSurface partitioning with or without leveling:TE A sub-surface can be extracted with or without leveling using the Partition Leveling operator.Contour Analysis/Advanced Contour Analysis module enhancements:TE Horizontal contour extraction with smoothing - parametric profiles extracted on the XY plane can be smoothed automatically.Integration of Chinese GB/T standards:TE The "right parameters wherever you are" feature has been extended to include Chinese GB/T standard references for parameter families, which can be selected in Metrological Preferences - References.Advanced Contour Analysis module enhancements:TE Automatic association of geometric elements with profiles - line segments, arcs and circles (greater than a specified minimum size) can be automatically associated with profiles. This significantly speeds up the definition of nominal form (which is otherwise carried out interactively or by fitting CAD DXF data to the profile). [ MountainsMap Scanning Topography full changelog ]
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MountainsMap Scanning Topography
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