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Msieve description

Msieve is a C library implementing a suite of algorithms to factor large integers. It contains an implementation of the SIQS and GNFS algorithms; the latter has helped complete some of the largest public factorizations known.Release notes: New ReleaseTE Performed a massive overhaul of the stage 1 NFS polynomial selection, with a huge amount of help from Jayson King. Once this is tuned a little better, polynomial selection should become massively faster, especially on CPUs. The GPU code is much simpler and more flexible now tooTE Added a fast MPI parallel all-against-all xor implementation courtesy ofTE Added more cache size detection for Intel processorsTE Added a fix to prevent potential overflow in the hashtable codeTE Increased the maximum input size to 1024 bitsTE Corrected a bug in Windows win32 inline assembler codeTE Removed the unmaintained Visual Studioo 2008 build projectsTE Updated Visual Studio 2010 CUDA build for NVIDIA Parallel Nsight 1.5 and the CUDA 3.2 toolkit [ Msieve full changelog ]

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