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YAFU description

YAFU or Yet Another Factoring Utility is an interactive Command Line instrument for integer factorization. YAFU has a general purpose function, factor, which tries to optimally reduce a number to its factors using a combination of all of the implemented methods. This method measures the elapsed time of several methods and strives for the optimum balance between ECM and SIQS in a completely automated fashion.Release notes: New ReleaseTE made "found poly" messages much less verboseTE using /r instead of printing backspaces now in ecm.c and SIQS.cTE ggnfs jobs launched by yafu will now print out individual .last_spq files per thread, although they are still not used for anythingTE get rid of blk_rel_count experiment code in siqsTE add the beginnings of CUDA squfof support - although it is far from working and probably not even beneficial at this point. currently protected by HAVE_CUDA definitionTE more work on tinySIQS, but still not fully operational.TE added more fclose'sTE fixed bugs that caused crashes when inputs numbers approached or exceeded 1024 characters in batchfiles.TE updates to text output of factor() to prevent window scrollingTE (re)support builds without NFS=1TE got rid of cat.exe warning messages in windows that don't have unxutilsTE slight cleanup of nfs state machineTE improved min_rels calculationTE added ability to parse user supplied job files and supply missing parameters [ YAFU full changelog ]

Factorization - Integer - Integer Factorization - Multi-threaded Siqs - Fermat Method - Fermat
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yafu (Popularity: ) : An interactive command line utility for integer factorization. Implements multi-threaded NFS, SIQS, and ECM as well as P+1, P-1, SQUFOF, Pollard's Rho, and Fermat's method. Also contains a very fast implementation of the Sieve of Eratosthenes.

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