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Tiles2kml description
T2K or tiles2kml enables you to efficiently load large set of imagery or raster maps very quickly into GoogleEarth using Region-Based Network Links. This method has an onRegion option, which specifies to load the Region data only when the Region is active. So only the needed set of data is loaded with multiple levels of detail, larger amounts of data are loaded only when the user's viewpoint triggers the next load. Tiles2kml converts your imagery into very small tiles with different level of details allowing very quick view for very large datasets without loosing the image quality. Tiles2kml generate very small image tiles that can be served locally or your PC or your intranet. You can even share your imagery through the internet using the customized kml files that links GoogleEarth client to the small tiles on your webserver. So sharing your large imagery over the internet became a very quick and easy process.
Main Features:
- Large imagery set support
- Region-Based Links
- KML 2.1 Support
- Share large images on the internet without the need for Image Servers
- Multiple input Image format JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF, GIF, GEOTIFF, ERDAS IMAGINE, MrSID and JPEG2000
- Multiple output Image format JPG, PNG, TIF and GIF
- 8,16,24 and 32 bits image support
- Export Transparent tiles in GIF and PNG format
- Automatically generate Georefrenced tiles
- Read common world files WLD, JPW, TFW, PGW, GFW, J2W, BPW, SDW
- Ability to Cache to Hard Drives (For Low 'Physical Memory' PC configuration)
- Multiple Project Combination
- Multi Resolution/Scale Image Layering
- Unlimited Images/folders processing
- ESRI Shape files to KML exporter (Including 3D lines)
- Mapinfo (TAB and MIF) files to KML exporter
- Waypoints to KML exporter (GPX1.1 support)
- GoogleEarth Placemark Styles and Description Editor
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    Windows NT
    Windows 2000
    Windows XP
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version 2.31
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user rating 8/10
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