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Flame Painter for Mac OS X

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Peter Bla+ikovi?
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Flame Painter for Mac OS X description

Flame Painter was created within 'I am an Artist' experimental project. The initial vision was to create an application for professional artists as well as for people without artistic skills who want to create something original. Lack of inspiration is often the reason why people are not creative. However, the tools that we use can become the inspiration for creativity. I think with a tool which inspires you, everyone can be an artist. Today the Flame Painter is used by thousands of professional artists, designers, enthusiasts or children in school to create unconventional design, light effects, backgrounds, flame paintings and we have had nothing but great feedback. FEATURES: TE High quality output TE Loading and saving in PNG - native format, TGA, TIF, BMP and JPG files TE Using transparent background (alpha channel) TE Export with unpremultiplied alpha for composing in other apps (Photoshop) TE High resolution canvas, e.g. 4000x4000 pixels (depends on graphics card) TE Lock picture as a background and paint over it TE Variable length of smooth fade in/out TE Higher flame stroke details TE Gradient Tool with selectable color transitions TE Color Palette selection tool TE Eraser with variable size and opacity TE Full and half resolution full screen preview for large canvas sizes TE Undo / Redo up to 100 steps (depends on your computer memory) TE Zoom In / Zoom Out canvas TE Clear canvas button TE Free panning for large canvasesRelease notes: New Release- NEW - Fast Flame Renderer and geniously optimized memory management- NEW - High resolution canvas, e.g. 8000x8000 pixels (depends on memory)- NEW - independent front and back layers- NEW - save and load Brush presets and Gradient presets - NEW - brush settings are independent from picture size- NEW - open and save nonpremultiplied alpha picture (for Photoshop, Gimp)- NEW- showing picture size in "cm" and "inches"- Three painting modes: "Flame", "Follow" and "Ribbon"- Super smooth antialiasing for curve mode- High flame stroke details - Gradient Tool with selectable color transitions - Loading and saving in PNG - native format, TGA, TIF, BMP and JPG files - Zoom In / Out and free panning for large canvases - native code for Windows / Mac OS, no Java applet [ Flame Painter for Mac OS X full changelog ]

Download - Designer - Artist - Flame - Buy - Full - Purchase - Creative - Standalone - Painter - Painting - Brush - Abstract - Artwork - Inspire - Creative Artwork - Artwork Designer - Abstract Designer
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Flame Painter for Mac OS X
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