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Zeljko Obrenovic
license: Freeware
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Sketchify description
Sketchify (also known as AMICO Sketchpad) is a toolset for sketching of novel classes of user interfaces, originally developed by +Zeljko Obrenovi? at the Concept Lab of the Eindhoven Technical University. Sketchify extends the concept of paper and pencil sketching to a more generic concept of rapid manipulation of interaction material. Interactive material is any piece of software/hardware that represents or simulates a part of user interactive experiences, such as inputs from sensors, output of audio tools, interaction with Web services, or simple drawings. Through manipulation of interactive materials, designers create OCtinteractive sketchesOCL, which in rough terms illustrate interaction scenario or interaction techniques. Our tool gives a designer freedom to combine elements of traditional freehand sketching and with numerous extensions, such as end-user programming (spreadsheets and scripts), and links to existing software functionality.Release notes: New Release* Improved undo support. * Added a new syntaxt for templates in Sketchify properties, using ${} markers. For example, you can specify the text of an active region as "The value is ${var1}", which means that the "${var1}" will be replaced with the value of variable var1. You can still use the old syntax with "" (the same example would be "The value is "). * Added Spring plugin support. * Fixed several bugs. [ Sketchify full changelog ]
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