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WinSent Innocenti

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Winsent Lab
license: Freeware
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WinSent Innocenti description

WinSent Innocenti is a program intended for receiving messages, notifications and alerts sent with Windows Messenger Service ("net send" command) over local area network. This program is a simplified version of WinSent messenger. Innocenti is capable of receiving messages only and incapable of sending a message. It allows to solve a problem of user notification and alerting without bothering about misuses of full-blown messengers such as an idle chatting during working hours or spam circulating. Like WinSent, it is able to receive personal messages sent using computer network name or user login and broadcast messages sent using workgroup or domain name. WinSent Innocenti is able only to receive messages. It is able to receive messages sent with WinSent messenger, Sent utility, Windows Messenger Service (net send), Microsoft Winpopup. WinSent Innocenti is fully compatible with this programs. Give WinSent Innocenti a try to see how useful it can be for receiving network messages! This program can be used: TE when users in your network have to be able to receive your messages, without ability to send any TE as Messenger Service replacement in Windows versions, that have no this service (Vista, 98, 95) TE as an user friendly alternative of Messenger Service.Release notes: New ReleaseTE Misc. improvements of the popup message window.TE Added: Hyperlinks support.TE Added: Custom font settings for popup message window.TE Added: New registry value PopupMsgWndToolBarDisabled for disabling buttons in the popup message window.TE Added: New registry values for adjusting popup message window size and position: PopupMsgWndScale, PopupMsgWndAspectRatioMin, PopupMsgWndAspectRatioMax, PopupMsgWndUseFixedPos, PopupMsgWndFixedPosX, PopupMsgWndFixedPosY.TE Added: Displaying unread/total number of messages in the tray icon tooltip.TE Fixed: Sometimes the program is unable to receive group messages (and group name is not shown in the tray icon tooltip) when automatically started with Windows. [ WinSent Innocenti full changelog ]

Message - Messenger - Net Send - Lan Messenger Net Send 7 Winpopup Home Office Free - Net Send Receiver - Network Message - Message Viewer
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WinSent Innocenti
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