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ASProxy Wing 0.9.0 Alpha

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ASProxy Wing 0.9.0 Alpha description

ASProxyWing is a free application which allows the user to surf the net anonymously. When using ASProxyWing, not only is your identity hidden but you will be able to escape filters and firewalls from an internet connection. The purpose of ASProxyWing is spreading freedom on the net, but this proxy can be used for any purposes. ASProxyWing is not responsible for your activities. FEATURES: TE Works as HTTP-tunnel proxy. TE Able to define custom personal servers. TE Password protected servers. TE Distributes traffic between different servers. TE Auto GZip the responses to reduce bandwith usage.Release notes: New ReleaseClient/Server:TE New: Extra high secure SSL conenction encryption which will prevent Man-In-Middle ssl connection address from sniffers.TE Both client and server should be updated in order to enable this option. (According to reports came from Iranian users.)Client:TE New: Before failing in startup, checks all of the found servers.TE Change: Less annoying update notice.TE Change: Servers sorting method is changed for the "Put custom servers on the top of all servers".Server:TE New: Manual server update through Administration UI. [ ASProxy Wing full changelog ]

Download - Server - Proxy - Anonymous - Proxy Server - Blocked - Desktop Distributed Proxy - Client Http-tunnel - Asproxy - Anonymous Identity - Pass Filter
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ASProxy Wing 0.9.0 Alpha
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