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Microsoft adCenter Desktop

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Microsoft adCenter Desktop description

Using adCenter Desktop (beta), you edit campaigns offline and then publish changes at your convenience when you are back online. You can use adCenter Desktop (beta) to manage your accounts in bulk, from the campaign level down to the individual ad level. Work faster, edit and create campaigns with ease, get performance alerts and research new keywordsOCoall with Microsoft adCenter Desktop. Give Microsoft adCenter Desktop a try to see what it's all about! TE Work faster: Sync your adCenter online accounts with adCenter Desktop (beta), make changes or additions offline, and then upload your revisions with one click. TE Easily make edits: The familiar Office user interface makes navigation simple. Directly edit ads, ad groups and thousands of keywords at once. TE Create campaigns with ease: Our Creation Wizard walks you through the process with step-by-step instructions. You can define an ad group, create text ads, select keywords and preview final ad copy. You can even copy and paste adCenter data directly into adCenter Desktop (beta). TE Get performance alerts: Adjust your campaign according to automatic alerts that notify you about key performance behaviors and status changes to budgets, ad groups and keywords. TE Research new keywords: Discover new keywords and add them to your account using the keyword research tools.Release notes: New ReleaseEnhanced import capabilities:Now itOCOs even easier and faster for you to import campaign data to adCenter using the Desktop tool. This month, enhanced import functionality now allows you to:TE Assign and save column headings to data sheets during import. Saved heading assignments can be reused for future imports of similar files.TE Quickly identify file formats using auto-detect to cut down on time when importing files.Target locally OCo conveniently:TE You can now implement Radius Targeting through the convenient Desktop tool.TE Target your ads to a 5OCo100-mile radius around a business address.TE Set radius targets for business locations for a given campaign or ad group.TE To use this feature, simply navigate to Targeting under the editor pane via either the Campaigns or Ad Groups tab. Select the OCtNear a business locationOCL option, and then set the radius target to between 5OCo100 miles using the drop-down menu. [ Microsoft adCenter Desktop full changelog ]

Manager - Campaign - Adcenter Campaign Manager - Adcenter Management - Adcenter Desktop - Adcenter
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Microsoft adCenter Desktop
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