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FireScope Workbench

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FireScope Inc.
license: Shareware
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FireScope Workbench description

FireScope Workbench provides quick and easy access to a well-stocked mix of tools designed to make your life easier. Built using Java's Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT), and available in both free and paid versions, Workbench automatically delivers new features to you as theyOCOre developed via single-click installation. Community-Edition - FREE MIB Walker MIB Importer Ping Sweep Service Modeler Professional-Edition - $195 All of the above PLUS Service Catalog Builder MIB Browser Discovery+ User Experience Checker MIB Walker Quickly collects information about SNMP-enabled networked devices by walking the SNMP tree for a target device and polling the value of every OID the device supports. MIB Importer Keeps your MIBs organized by gathering them into FireScope, where theyOCOre accessible by other Workbench plug-ins. Comes with 65 MIB files to cover commonly used devices. Ping Sweep Offers complete visibility by scanning large IP ranges in seconds, with DNS lookup of responding hosts and exportable to CSV or XML files. Service Modeler Lets you model your IT Services in a user-friendly interface with discovery to do all the legwork. Once built, service models can be exported to any tool supporting XML import. Service Catalog Builder Designs your entire service catalog, from the catalog containers to their dependent systems and applications, all with point and click ease. Essential for any organization embracing ITIL. MIB Browser Provides you with encyclopedic knowledge of your MIBs. The user-friendly interface lets you browse MIB's - including third-party or vendor created files - by OID, MIB File, or tree view. Discovery Rapidly scans network to find active devices and identify the model, operating system, applications, etc. Highly configurable, you can scan by network range, ports to investigate, and perform SNMP queries. User Experience Checker Simulates commonly performed tasks on a web application, while verifying and tracking that each step is completed efficiently. Supports all web technologies.Release notes: Major UpdateWalker is integrated with MIB Browser. MIB Walk can be done from any OID for any SNMP device. Real time SNMP Chart . can be invoked from MIB Browser. Sorting MIB Browser and MIB Walker tree nodes based on object identifier. Additionally, . numerous usability improvements. [ FireScope Workbench full changelog ]

Utilities - Ping - Network - Snmp - Administration - Discovery - Mib - Service Management - Mib Walk - Slm - Ping Sweep
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FireScope Workbench
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supported os's
    Windows 2000
    Windows 2003
    Windows Vista Starter
downloads 16
price $195.00
version 3.1.0
size in Kb 55,962
user rating 0/10
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