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MultiPing Grapher

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Carsten Schmidt
license: Freeware
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MultiPing Grapher description

MultiPing Grapher, Multiping.exe Software by Carsten Schmidt If you like this software, please consider donating. Follow the link: homepage Please report bugs and feature requests to: email How does it work and what does it do? MPG is a further development of Perfping with the ability to graph up to 10 different ICMP results. (homepage Start the program, use File|Open host file to open a text file with a list of maximum of 10 IP addresses. You can also start the program with a host list as starting parameter. E.g. Multiping.exe hosts.txt Using predefined host lists, MPG will give you a fast way of checking multiple connections immediately when you suspect trouble. Comparison of the different results will give you an indication of where to look first. You may also adjust ping interval and ICMP payload (size of the data portion of the ICMP packet) to fit your needs.Requirements: none

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MultiPing Grapher
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