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Sniff - O - Matic

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Sniff - O - Matic description

Sniff - O - Matic is a network protocol analyzer and packet sniffer with a clear and intuitive interface. It can capture network traffic and enables you to analyze the data. Detailed packet information is available in a tree structure, with a raw data view of the packet available.

Most popular protocols are included. Instead of wasting our time adding obscure protocols no one actually uses, we can offer you a usefull tool at a reduced price. We do not use driver software, or worse, third party drivers you have no control of to capture packets.

Capture - Software - Network - Application - Traffic - Driver - Statistics - Filter - Filters - Debug - Sniffer - Protocol - Analyzer - Analyze - Memory - Bug - Packet - Reference - Sniff - Matic - Kwakkelflap
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Sniff - O - Matic
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supported os's
    Windows 2000
    Windows XP
    Windows 2003
downloads 188
price $35.00
version 1.00
size in Kb 2,208
user rating 1/10
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