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ReferSoft Affilite program manager

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ReferSoft Affilite program manager description
IOCOm sure we are all familiar with the "pay-on-results" business model, and at first it can sound so enticing, if you donOCOt make a sale, you donOCOt pay anythingOCZrisk-free advertising! The problem is that it only applies to the relationship between you and your affiliates (the site owners who are displaying your advert, i.e. the ones who at the end of the day are sending you paying customers). If they donOCOt make you any money, they donOCOt get paid. The company that manages your campaign on the other hand, they still have to be paid, no matter what. And those costs can be quite substantial. For a start, you have account set up costs, which have to be paid first, then they hold your money OCton your behalfOCL (without paying you any interest) so they can pay your affiliates at the end of each month, then thereOCOs ongoing fees etc. Well straight away, how is that Pay on Results? YouOCOve laid out all this money in advance of the results. So even if you never, EVER make a sale through one of your affiliates, you are still out a lot of money! Not exactly as risk-free as you first thought, is it? OK, admittedly, the chances of you not making any sales are slim, but then when you do make those sales, you then have to pay the management company even more money, a percentage of the amount you pay the affiliate, and this is as well as all the other previously mentioned costs. ReferSoft is different. You pay a fixed amount each month to use their software, and thatOCOs it. They donOCOt hold your money, charge a set up fee, charge commission, charge fees etc. They offer a 7 day free trial (of the full version, not a cut-down OCtliteOCL version) and on top of that there is a no quibble money back guarantee covering the first month, with your money refunded within 1 business day if itOCOs not for you, and an ongoing "safety net". The entire thing runs on their servers. What this all means is that ReferSoft is absolutely 100% risk-free. True Pay on Results marketing, the way it should be.Requirements: Internet browser.
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ReferSoft Affilite program manager
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