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Simple IP/IP Range Ping

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Przemyslaw M. Wiejak
license: Freeware
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Simple IP/IP Range Ping description

Simple IP/IP Range Ping is a simple, yet useful utility that can help you ping multiple IPs. It allows you to ping a single IP or an IP range. You simply have to enter the IP numbers and the program will do the rest, while showing you the opened and closed IPs, as well as the ping number. Require .Net 4.0 framework or newer Features: TE Pinging single IP or IP range function TE Change Time To Live, Data in bytes, Don't FragmentRelease notes: New Release- Added changeable timeout.- Added DNS to IP and IP to DNS converter.- Added help window.- Added date and time to ping results.- Added progress bar.- Minor GUI change. [ Simple IP/IP Range Ping full changelog ]

Ping - Ping Ip - Range - Ip Range Ping - Ping Ip Range
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Simple IP/IP Range Ping
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