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John Marshall
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Smarky description
Smarky lets you manage your Simpy bookmarks in firefox from a sidebar, menu, toolbar, and a quick search dialog. Smarky and Simpy let you access the same set of bookmarks anywhere with an internet connection. The quick search searches only the bookmark details, can be opened with the Home+Home key combo, and looks similar to Google Desktop's Ctrl+Ctrl search. The standard search in the sidebar or organize window pulls its results from Smarky supports nested labels with a customizable separator. It has a toolbar button which turns yellow when the page is bookmarked and when middle clicked can add/remove the site. There are also two toolbar buttons which can be used to add a bookmark to Simpy. Smarky also adds a tab to the Firefox add bookmark window(opened via Ctrl+D) to add bookmarks directly to Also included are filters, which can be used for both batch editing and for automatically adding descriptions and labels to new bookmarks, and an Organize (Simpy) Bookmarks window with inline editing of bookmarks. Simpy and Smarky allow for easy migration to and from the service, allowing you to import and export your bookmarks from the site. Smarky is completely separate from your Firefox bookmarks and does not remove or hide them. Developer Comments -With favicons turned on, Smarky makes a request to each bookmarked site in order to download the favicons. You can turn off favicons, or just homepage favicons, in the option menu. If you want to get rid of empty spaces left by non-existent favicons, you can check 'Validate Favicons', however it can slow down Firefox if you have a lot of simpy bookmarks. -If you are already signed into Simpy, Smarky will connect without a problem. Otherwise, you will be prompted to sign in. -Smarky may be slow if you have 1000-2000+ bookmarks. -Smarky should not be installed along with GMarksRequirements: Firefox: 1.5 OCo 3.0b3
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