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Mansoura Labs. Dr.Nashed
license: Freeware
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StopCut description
StopCut is a simple application that stops ARP poisoning on your LAN (Local Area Connection). StopCut will protect your computer from spoofing programs and protect your informations like CC info and passwords to be stolen, also it will stop other programs like NET CUT. Chat Spying . By redirecting your PC ARP to fake distination other members in your network can see your chat logs and activities and even can record your voice chat , so by using Stop cut you can protect your ARP tables from flood and spoofing and prevent redirecttion to another distination Stealling Passwords . When accessing any secure pages and reqire a password user write and send it to its distination but upon redirection by spoofing any one in your LAN can record it and use it Hardware Save . Spoofing or flood can use hardware damage in your network adapter due to over flood and hang up your PC , making your PC blind against this spoofing can protect your hard ware and save it from damageRequirements: TE WinPcap 3.x
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