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company name:
Diego Casorran
license: Freeware
minimum requirements:
functional limitations:
FlashResizer description

This add-on makes any flash element resizable. It adds a nearly-unnoticeable two-pixels-width vertical green line next to flash objects, which what you'll use to perform the resize, furthermore double-clicking that green line will automatically adjust the flash element to the browser window's inner width/height. Since this may looks like a vague explanation (even when it's basically all what it does), it may worth explaining how the add-on was born. First of all, I want to mention i've started developing this as a PrefBar button under SeaMonkey... and now converted it to an FF extension overnight, my first ever FF extension i have to tell.Release notes: New ReleaseTE Added ToolBar ButtonTE The "vertical line" (resizer) element will now be created over the flash element, rather than appended to it. (eg, a flash element of 600x400 previously become 602x400, now it will be of the same/original size) This should remove the feeling that FlashResizer does not work on some specific websites, when what really happened was that the flash element was covering the browser's width or its container)TE Fixed some weird issue under FF4 while using offsetParent (dblclick)TE Using FullWindow->dblClick on a Flash element which within an IFrame will automatically move the element to the top-level parent window, thus really making it Full(Browser)Window rather than covering the IFrame only.TE Some minimal fixes/improvements [ FlashResizer full changelog ]

Flash - Resize - Resizer - Firefox Add-on - Flash Resizer - Resize Flash
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