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Ralf Junker
license: Freeware
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WikiTaxi description

Did you ever want to take Wikipedia with you while you are offline? Call on WikiTaxi: It is a portable application that delivers the Wikipedia of your choice to wherever you go. WikiTaxi was designed to enable you to read, search, and browse Wikipedia offline. No Internet connection is needed, all pages are stored in a WikiTaxi database. Because Wikipedia is constantly growing, WikiTaxi uses compression to make sure that the database stays reasonably small. The huge English Wikipedia easily fits on a 8 GB memory stick. WikiTaxi is multilingual, which means that you can use it for Wikipedias from different languages (see screenshots). It also works well with the dictionary and quotation Wikis, if you like. You can also save multiple Wikis to disk and use all of them with WikiTaxi. WikiTaxi is up to date. It works with the original Wikipedia database dumps, which are updated regularly every few weeks or so. If you feel that your offline Wikipedia is getting to old, you can go online to download a more recent version or just copy it from a friend.Release notes: New ReleaseTE Internationalize names of parser variables and functions. 30 languages are supported, which is most of the Wikipedias with +100000 articles.TE Cascading Style Sheets are now loaded per Wiki site. Most Wikipedia CSS files are included.TE New tag extension.TE General improvements for tag extensions, especially where they conflicted with other Wiki syntax.TE Add quite a number of parser variables and functions.TE Recognize some more HTML tags.TE Template expansion was still not working quite right with some pages.TE Fix a few problems with math calculations.TE Better Table of Contents generation.TE Many more minor bug fixes and improvements. [ WikiTaxi full changelog ]

Zip - Delphi - Reader - Unicode - Xml - Tidy - Borland - Regex - Pcre - Converters - Sqlite - Searcher - Wikipedia - Codegear - Containers - Ucl - Filefinder - Htmlparser - Pasdoc - Sqlitespy - Read Wikipedia Offline - Search Wikipedia Offline - Browse Wikipedia Offline
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Windows 7
    Windows 7
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version 1.3.0
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