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ACQC Metrics

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ACQC Metrics computes typical source code file and function metrics. What are metrics good for? Well, it measures the software in terms of complexity for example. Very long or complex functions can be identified in order to break them down in smaller pieces (for better maintainability). Maybe you are also just interested in knowing of big the software currently is, then ACQC metrics is also good for you. Just drag & drop files on its main window. Metrics are then computed and displayed in a list. The contents of the lists can be copied and pasted. Alternatively, the tool can be driven by command line options (tool -o output.xml file-to-parse.cpp) with no gui for integration as a batch job in other tools. Features: -Supports following metrics: - LINES: the number of physical lines in your file - LLOC: the logical lines of code (without comments, without spaces) - LLOCi: the logical lines of comments (lines caontaining only comments) - LLOW: the logical whitespace lines (lines without any other content than whitespace characters) - PROCS: the number of procedures/functions inside the file - CARGS: the total number of arguments used by the function or functions in the file - CC: the cyclomatic complexity known also under McCabe complexity, represents the number of decisions taken by the code - DC: the "depth" complexity. If you imbricate a lot (if's inside if's or while's inside switches for example) this will get high. - Displays a kiviat diagram - Highlights the functions that lies outside of the normal range The tool doesn't need any setup and does not modify your registry. The only prerequisite is to have a .NET 3.5 framework installed.Requirements: .NET 3.5

C# - .net - Copy - Paste - File - Programming - Source Code - Design - C++ - Diagram - Interface - Drag - Drop - Csharp - Pattern - Open Source - Measure - Metrics - Arguments - Complexity - Exception Handling - Design Patterns - Reference Card - Cheat Sheet - Acqc - Mac Cabe - Cyclomatic - Lines Of Code - Kiviat
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ACQC Metrics
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