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EWDraw 3D ActiveX Professional Edition

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East Wind Sofware
license: Shareware
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EWDraw 3D ActiveX Professional Edition description
EWDraw3D ActiveX is a powerful vector graphics ActiveX for 3D and 2D visualisation and animation. You can use it for CAD,CAM,GIS and others. The EWDraw3D ActiveX is based on Open CASCADE geometric kernel and openGL.

The library is realized as a run-time Windows 32 bit OCX (ActiveX control). Either can be used with applications written in the popular Visual IDE languages such as Visual Basic, Delphi, C++ Builder , Visual C++, VB.NET,C#

Version 9.0 July 15 2011

.Add NetworkSrf to creates a 3D solid or surface from a network of curves(entity's ID buffer),It can create a lot of complex 3D solid or surface.
.Add MakeSolidFromFaces to creates a 3D solid or surface from a series of faces(entity's ID buffer),It can create a lot of complex 3D solid or surface.
.Add SetBooleanOperationTolMode and SetBooleanOperationTolerance to support users set the tolerance of boolean operation,
It let the boolean operation be better more.
.Add Split3DSolidBySurface to split a 3D solid by a 3D surface.
.Add Impress and ImpressWithHole to impress a face to a 3D solid or surface.
.Add ConvertMeshToSolid to convert a mesh object to a 3D solid,It support make a 3D solid from triangles.
Add MakeTINMesh to creat a TIN mesh object.
.Add MeshAddOnlyNewVertex,MeshAddIndexTriangle,MeshColorMode,MeshUVMode,MeshTextureFile to support color,UV of vertex
and normal of triangles for create a mesh object.
.Add GetMeshVertexSize,GetMeshTriangleSize,GetMeshVertex,GetMeshTriangle,SetMeshVertex,SetMeshTriangle,DeleteMeshTriangle,
AddMeshTriangle,EnableMeshColorMode,EnableMeshUVMode for get information or modify a exist mesh object.
.Improve OSNAP
.Improve EWD file
.Improve mesh object
.Improve Get3DSolidSection
.Fix bug of export file
.Fix bug of undo/redo
.Fix bug of SetViewDisplayMode
.Fix bug of SendCommandStr
.Fix bug of view
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EWDraw 3D ActiveX Professional Edition
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