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SComm32 Communications OCX

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Axis Controls Ltd
license: Shareware
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SComm32 Communications OCX description

Use SComm to quickly add Serial Communications capabilities to your applications. The SComm32 Communications Control is intentionally designed to 'mimic' MSComm32 allowing you to use SComm32 in place of MSComm without making any changes to your code. If you're already using MSComm32 you will see that SComm32 has the same properties and the same syntax but in many cases functionality, speed and reliability have been improved. For example when using MSComm32 the CommPort property only allows values up to 16. SComm32 uses exactly the same property and syntax so the SComm32 CommPort property is 100% compatible with MSComm - but, with SComm32, you may use any com ports supported by your operating system. Up to Com256 on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 (Com128 on Windows95/98/Me). Even though SComm32 properties have the same name and the same syntax you will find that SComm32 has improved capabilites. SComm isolates your application from the low level com port driver meaning your application is less likely to be affected by flow control hangups and blocking com timeouts and disconnected or out-of-range bluetooth devices - things that often cause MSComm to fail or crash completely taking your application down with it. For example -disconnecting a USB-Serial adapter will usually cause a total crash with MSComm32. Of course our control is not immune - when the port is disconnected it's gone - but with our SComm component it will generally result in a trapable error allowing you to attempt a recovery by closing and reopening the port.

Control - Port - Windows - Property - Application - Rs232 - Syntax - 64 Bit - Mscomm - Mscomm32 - Mscomm64 - Oncomm - Commevent - Outputmode - Eofchar - Evtchar - Rxchar - Inbuffercount - Timeouts - Scomm - Scomm32
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