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company name:
Novosys EDV GmbH
license: Commercial
minimum requirements:
functional limitations: 30-day trial
Buggy description
Buggy is a multiuser database program designed specifically for keeping track of bugs in your program(s). Additionally you can keep track of feature requests (enhancements) and support requests. Instead of writing a bunch of sticky notes to track which bugs you have and have not fixed, you can let Buggy keep all of that information organized for you. You can easily keep track of multiple projects/software packages and multiple releases so you'll know exactly which changes were made in each version of the software.
A Security System is included to control who has access to Buggy.
Exporting data to HTML and CSV document files, enhanced filtering and sorting on all fields and customizable charts/graphs are also included.
A Textsearch engine will assist you to always find the data you want.
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supported os's
    Windows 95
    Windows 98
    Windows Me
    Windows NT
    Windows 2000
    Windows XP
downloads 41
price $99.00
version 3.2.3
size in Kb 5,900
user rating 1/10
our rating 5 Stars
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