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Maverick SSHD

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important software information
company name:
3SP Ltd
license: Shareware
minimum requirements: Suitable Java environment.
functional limitations: No limitations.
Maverick SSHD description

The Maverick SSHD is an enterprise level multi-threaded Java SSH server. The product is compatible with Java 1.4 or later and uses the Java NIO framework for maximum server performance. SSH2 only is supported due to vulnerabilities in the earlier SSH1 protocol.

Server - Java - Ssh2 - Ssh - Sftp - Ssh1 - Secure Ftp - Sshd - Nio
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Maverick SSHD
100% Clean
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supported os's
downloads 23
price $2,830.00
version 1.2.13
size in Kb 1,800
user rating 5/10
our rating 5 Stars
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