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Wireless Communication Library .NET Lite

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Wireless Communication Library .NET Lite description
Wireless Communication Library .NET Lite software represents a Delphi and CBuilder VCL library that helps you to create mobile communication software. Wireless Communication Library (WCL) is the complete solution for developing applications which can communicate with any mobile devices without wires. WCL is not the end-user application but the powerfull SDK (Software Development Kit) for software developers who want to add Bluetooth, IrDA and Serial communications support in their applications. It includes complete components set for using it with Borland Delphi, Borland Developer Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and Microsoft Visual C++. Use the Wireless Communication Library to develop application for communicate with any devices using Bluetooth, IrDA or Serial Port connections with a few code lines. Using these components you save many hours of hard work, cut your development time with 70%. All you need to do using this components is develop the UI.Release notes: New ReleaseTE Bugs in VCL Edition setup have been fixed;TE Minor code optimization and refactoring;TE BlueSoleil pairing issue on some PCs (C++ and .NET Editions) has been fixed;TE Service property has been added for wclBluetoothHandsFreeClient;TE AVRCP/A2DP Profile support has been implemented (for BlueSoleil BT drivers) (beta);TE WCL has been tested and found 100% compatable with BlueSoleil 9.2.417.0;TE WCL has been tested and found 100% compatable with BlueSoleil 10.0.417.0;TE Apple iPhone 4 has been added into Tested Devices List;TE Samsung Wave Y S5380 has been added into Tested Devices List;TE Nokia Lumia 710 has been added into Tested Devices List. [ Wireless Communication Library .NET Lite full changelog ]
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Wireless Communication Library .NET Lite
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