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Active Query Builder Delphi VCL Edition

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Active Database Software
license: Commercial
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Active Query Builder Delphi VCL Edition description

Active Query Builder is a true two-way visual query builder component for Delphi and C++ Builder that allows your end-users to build complex SQL queries via an intuitive visual interface similar to MS-Access, but much more powerful compared to other similar components. It allows you to define grouping and sorting, to construct criteria in a simple and direct way. Each union and sub-query has its own working area where it could be built visually as easy as single query. Active Query Builder supports Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL, InterBase, Firebird, Informix, Sybase, SQLite, and other SQL dialects. The sophisticated SQL parser with full Unicode support can translate any valid SQL statement into it's visual representation. SQL Formatter will allow you to customize the SQL code layout the way you like it. Active Query Builder gives you full control over the SQL query - you can easily navigate it using the internal query builder objects. Also you can modify existing SQL queries and create new queries programmatically. Working with parameters in Active Query Builder, you may know their names and data types, and discover to what database objects and fields they are related to. You might want to deny access to certain fields and tables to meet the safety requirements or get rid a user of needless parts of your database structure. Using the Active Query Builder, you can do it easily. Building a query via a visual interface, you can hide undesirable objects and fields of your database. Ability to retrieve various information about the query, such as lists of tables and fields that were used in the query, allows you to prevent execution of unauthorized queries. The latest version of our component allows you to replace real table and field names with the user-friendly aliases. Active Query Builder VCL Edition may be compiled with DevExpress controls and Uniclde-enabled TnT library.Requirements: CodeGear Developer Studio, Borland Delphi or C++ Builder

Export To Excel - Export To Xml - Export To Csv - Flyspeed Data Export - Export From Database - Export From Mysql - Sql Query Builder Visual Delphi Vcl Component
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Active Query Builder Delphi VCL Edition
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    Windows 2003
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