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LogSharp description

LogSharp is a a user friendly but advanced Log files viewer, to be used by software developers, software testers and IT crew for viewing and analyzing application log files, both in real-time (while your application is running) and when it is offline. LogSharp is designed to be able to handle massive amounts of log data. Using it, you can analyze your logs simply and easily, while focusing on the relevant details only, using message filters. Among the features of LogSharp: - Message filtlering by any combination of message fields. - Multiple log pages support OCo view any available log page. - Sessions support - Every time your application is started, the logs are directed to a new (session) folder. - Cyclic (rolling) logging by file size and log files count. - Configure favorite applications (log sources) for quick access. - Great logging and viewing perfomance. LogSharp currently supports .NET applications, logging through log4net logging framework.Requirements: .NET Framework 3.5

.net - Log - Message - Time - Viewer - Logging - Online - Page - Filter - Real-time - Dotnet - Session - Real - Rolling - Sessions - Logviewer - Appender - Logsharp - Log4net - Filetring - Cyclic
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