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Integrech Software Solutions
license: Shareware
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Celerity description

Celerity is a powerful application for reading and maintaining C/C++ projects. It can process millions of source code lines. It supports standard C/C++ (and K&R style of sources as well). For each opened project, it shows the source files, include files, source and include files, indices of lexical elements, includes, include-by's, all macros, macros in a translation unit, all definitions, definitions in a file, definitions in a translation unit, references (function declarations and invocations), reference-by's, contents of per-directory definitions, construct hierarchy, diagnosis outputs, symbol searches, favorites, etc. It produces a cross-referenced database about each analyzed project. Definitions and invocations could be expanded incrementally on the fly by just a single click. All these combined help a C/C++ developer to quickly read, understand, study and maintain a medium or large code base.
It has a user-friendly interface with features like tabs, docking, auto-hiding, floating, drag and drop, etc. It allows the user to quickly locate each functional window and rearrange these windows in different layouts.
It includes a versatile editor for text/hexadecimal files. Facilitative features include syntax styling, auto-indenting of new lines, auto-completion of words, and auto-formatting of the entire content. It also shows tags in a file dynamically. File formats could be defined to specify how to handle directives, colours, styles, etc. List of all opened files and list of all history files enable the user to locate the desired file in an easy way.
It includes a studio for multiple projects with commands dealing with each project or all projects. Strong multiple-file find & replace functions enable the user to do quick searches within the background.
It has a differencing module which can perform multiple file-to-file or directory-to-directory comparations in a background manner.

C++ - Read - Maintain - Software Development - Cpp - Study - Understand - Cxx - Million Source Code Line - Medium Or Large Code Base - Iso Iec 9899 - Iso Iec 14882
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supported os's
    Windows 2000
    Windows XP
    Windows 2003
downloads 47
price $499.00
size in Kb 4,320
user rating 0/10
our rating 5 Stars
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