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Resource Tuner Console

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important software information
company name:
Heaventools Software
license: Shareware
minimum requirements: 16 MB RAM
functional limitations:
Resource Tuner Console description

This command-line resource editor automates editing of file resources in large numbers of Windows 32 and 64-bit executable files and makes resource editing easier and faster. Using Resource Tuner Console as a post-build task is a great way of creating a repeatable process for updating the file properties: version information, strings, bitmaps, manifests and icons. This lets you make sure your application is always "face-lifted" after a build.

File - Change - Batch - Version - Editor - Exe - Resource - Dll - Script - Icon - Commandline
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Resource Tuner Console
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supported os's
    Windows 98
    Windows XP
downloads 112
price $199.00
version 1.92
size in Kb 2,283
user rating 4/10
our rating 0 Stars
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