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TestTrack Studio

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Seapine Software, Inc.
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TestTrack Studio description

From the creation of test cases through the resolution of defects, TestTrack Studio tracks and manages all the details of your testing effort. TestTrack Studio seamlessly blends the award-winning defect tracking features of TestTrack Pro and the time saving test case management features of TestTrack TCM into an integrated test environment. FEATURES: Issue Management: TE Track defects, feature requests, change requests, tasks and more. Easy to install, configure, and use, TestTrack Studio is an essential tool for issue tracking and workflow automation. Test Case Management: TE TestTrack Studio helps you manage all aspects of the software testing process, including test case creation, scheduling, execution, measurement, and reporting. Completely Customizable: TE Ready to use right out of the box, TestTrack Studio is also completely customizable to fit your terminology, methodology, and industry regulations. Usability Features: TE TestTrack Studio is an award-winning solution that is easy to install, use, and maintain, making the entire development and QA teams more efficient. Workflow Automation: TE TestTrack Studio's powerful, customizable workflows make it easy to automate your development and quality assurance processes. Organize and Find: TE With thousands of test cases to manage, TestTrack Studio includes numerous features to help you organize and quickly find information. Collaborate: TE TestTrack Studio's collaboration features ensure team members stay informed of each other's tasks and progress. Reporting: TE Customizable reports and charts help you track project progress, and measure productivity and quality. Secure: TE TestTrack Studio provides multiple layers of security, giving you complete control over accessibility to confidential development information. SCM Integrations: TE TestTrack Studio improves traceability and automates the change management process with integration support for popular SCM tools. Integrated QA: TE TestTrack Studio integrates with configuration management tools to keep test assets with source code and can schedule test runs using automated testing tools. Technical Support Capabilities: TE TestTrack Studio streamlines the interaction between the development team, quality assurance, technical support, and your customers. Enforce Regulatory Compliance: TE TestTrack Studio includes features to help you meet regulatory compliance requirements, including 21 CFR Part 11, Sarbanes-Oxley, and others. Extend with Open Interfaces: TE Information tracked in TestTrack Studio can be shared with other applications through a variety of open interfaces. TestTrack Studio can also run external applications. Scalable, Cross-platform: TE TestTrack Studio is a highly scalable client/server solution with cross-platform clients and servers that let your team access test assets and manage issues from anywhere.Release notes: New ReleaseNew Features:TE The TestTrack native database type changed to SQLite to improve performance in several areas. Existing TestTrack native server databases and projects are automatically upgraded to SQLite after upgrading and starting the TestTrack Server.TE Use a TestTrack native database on the 64-bit TestTrack Server.TE Configure read-only custom fields that automatically calculate numeric, text, date/time, pop-up item, and time span values based on other field values.TE Specify default values for text and numeric fields. Choose more date/time options when setting default values for date fields.TE Create draft custom fields to add new fields without locking the TestTrack database.TE Open list windows in Microsoft Excel on Linux and Mac OS X. (Client)TE Securely send, receive, and import email on Unix using the SSL 3.0, TLS 1.0, STARTTLS 1.0, or Negotiate protocols for SMTP and POP3 mail.TE Receive email using the IMAP protocol.TE The TestTrack Server now supports IPv6 connections. [ TestTrack Studio full changelog ]

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TestTrack Studio
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