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access2asp generates pro quality asp code for a front end site and password protected backend control panel for your ms access database tables ... it generates all list and detail screens , forms in admin to update , add and delete your data,an image library , order by links on columns , css styles , WYSIWYG editor for memo fields , download as excel your current recordset,all sql statements and javascript validation.... all generated for your access database tables in a few clicks meaning you can have your database online in minutes with no modification to the code or it can save you days ( or more ) of development time as a head start to your project , download a free trial .... an essential tool for beginners to advanced asp developers!

Access - Convert - Conversion - Tool - Edit - Server - Iis - Oracle - Code - Db - Database - Online - Sql Server - Development - Queries - Dynamic - Ms Access - Tables - Active - Asp - Generate - Pages - Web Pages - Vbscript - Active Server Pages - Administration - Microsoft - Update - Dotnet - Section
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Access2ASP (Popularity: ) : Access2ASP is used to create ASP code to customize data from the MS ACCESS database table. This utility can also create an image library to allow users to add their own image on the database table. This script allows them ...
access2asp - asp generator (Popularity: ) : access2asp generates asp code for all your database tables producing pro asp code for a front end site and (password protected) back end control panel. Each table has a list screen linking each record to a detail screen for each ...

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supported os's
    Windows 95
    Windows 98
    Windows 2000
downloads 20
price $99.00
version 4.4
size in Kb 232
user rating 5/10
our rating 0 Stars
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