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VZ Systems Corporation.
license: Shareware
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ACLSweep description

Computers are constantly reading, writing, creating and deleting critical system items such as Files, Folders, Registry Keys, etc. All of these items are protected with individual security settings to defend against accidental or unauthorized access. These security settings must be properly monitored and managed to be effective. Neglected settings can lead to numerous issues which are almost always unnoticed until after problems occur. ACLSweep is the premiere tool used to manage these security setting issues. No other security utility provides home and business users with an easy to use means to efficiently manage and fix item security settings. With ACLSweep you can; Easily repair inefficient and invalid security settings to ensure consistent security settings system wide, speed up access to files and applications, and conserve disk space Precisely compare security settings between users, groups or processes to diagnose access issues Accurately transfer security access between users to provide new or recover lost access Modern computer operating systems include numerous security features to protect the system, user, data and applications. Managing all these security settings can be an overwhelming task for even professional system administrators. One of the most important and sometimes difficult to manage aspects of security is properly protecting individual items (files, folders, registry keys, etc.). If users are not granted access to needed items, applications can experience errors and users can have difficulty getting tasks completed. Granting too much access to some items can cause a system to be vulnerable to attack, data exposure, and accidental deletion or damage. Every time an item is opened for access, these security settings are checked by the system which can often occur hundreds of times every second, so accuracy and efficiency is critical. Managing these settings is further complicated by applications running on the computer that can make changes to the settings with no notice to the user. This can cause the access allowed to these items to change and potentially be completely different than the user had set them to. Every day use of the computer can also affect the security settings on these items. Actions such as copying files between folders or other computers, application installs/uninstalls, adding or deleting users or security groups, even running certain applications may affect your computer's security settings. Security settings can be modified, reordered, or deleted without user knowledge or consent. ACLSweep scans the settings on these items and can fix common issues that cause security access problems that could otherwise be difficult to detect and are often harmful to the system, data, or users.

Detect - Security - Fix - Fix Security Setting - Security Descriptor - Detect Security Setting
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