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Zahra Guard

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Zeinab Soft
license: Demo
minimum requirements: n/a
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Zahra Guard description

This software is capable to connect to the video sources(such as Webcam)and process the received images,and also if there were any discrepancies in received images in specific time periods , The software will offer various alerts.

In this software 4 types of alerts are embedded which we mention them in the following order:
Video recording: This program can record video after motion occurrence or specified time.
Image capturing: This program can capture images after motion occurrence at specified time intervals.

Dialing: This program has the ability of dialing and you can give a list of phone numbers to the software , and the program after detecting any motion ,will dial the phone numbers,and can playback a WAV file or text after Communication .But this feature depends on the modem of device.
Playing audio file: By using this feature, you can route an audio file with WAV format to the software , and the software once detect any motion will attempt to play the file. The file could be a message or alarm.

Running a program: By using this feature, you can route An executable file to the software,and the software once detect any motion will attempt to run the program.

Hiding the software: By using this feature, once detect any motion, you can turn off monitor or hide the software till the user does not recognize the program activation.This software has other features that we mention them in the following:You can see the received images from the video source remotely, by using client software and web based monitoring, through IP address. You can specify a username and password for that to avoid the accessing of unauthorized persons to the received images. You can also determine the resolution of received images and their update time but The update time is depends heavily on network speed.Another feature of this software is that your commands can be sent a phone to the software to do them.You can also rotate the camera as local and remote by using a device.

Monitor - Office - Protect - Recorder - Record Video - Home - Motion Detection - House - Webcam Monitor - Video Monitor - Webcam Recorde
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Zahra Guard
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supported os's
    Windows 98
    Windows Me
    Windows 2000
    Windows XP
downloads 45
price $10.00
version 10.0
size in Kb 6,444
user rating 5/10
our rating 0 Stars
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