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Block Websites
license: Shareware
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File Protection Software description

File Protection Software for protecting files by accessing from others. Block application program can manage the files, folder, application of windows as well as third party software, usb and dvd and cd drives by taking off any data from system, complete protection level, usb and dvd write/reader can blocked to take any data out from system, also blocking of websites prevent to open websites on any of installed browser within system. Folder Protection Software to delete read write protect by strangers who use pc. System protection maker is great program to maintain privacy within workplace as well as home from kids and partners, who touch system without asking by you. Blocking tool can do lot od jobs to hide and blocks website, usb, with files and folder also work to block extensions such as, exe, css, images extension, document extension of folders. Windows application blocker is user friendly and advance program for doing blocking and protection of multiple things within system such as documents, pictures, folder. Application Blocker Software Features. * Block USB and dvd ports as per requirment of user safty. * Block with extensions, like programs, media palyers, music in particular folders. * Password protected application, no other than you can access it, open only with matched passwords. * USB Blocking Software can blocks drive port also blocks dvd writer with files. * Work in batch process to implement the security, select more than single files and folders. * Run in complete stealth mode, hide from desktop, unistall folder and program files in os. * Windows Application Blocker software program can makes maintain privacy of user. * Windows tool blocking program can do multiple jobs within seconds, even blocks hudrend of program files according to extension in mask or called as in batch process. * support windows operating systems, windows 7, vista, xp, service pack.Requirements: .Net Framework 2.0, windows operating system

Multiple - Access - Stealth - File - Cd - Tool - Windows - Program - Software - Folder - Browser - Utility - Web - Firefox - Block - Cover - Extension - Manage - Website - Websites - Application - Files - Disable - Hide - Denied - Internet Explorer - Usb - Blocking - Url - Third
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File Protection Software
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supported os's
Windows 7
    Win7 x32
    Win7 x64
    Windows 98
    WinVista x64
downloads 9
price $44.99
version 1.0.12
size in Kb 1,434
user rating 5/10
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