Download 96Crypt - 96Crypt features several worldwide trusted block ciphers algorithms such as:
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96Crypt description
96Crypt features several worldwide trusted block ciphers algorithms such as:
3DES, Blowfish, MARS, RijnDael-AES, SERPENT or Twofish.
All our block ciphers operate in CTR or CBC mode with a MAC mechanism
providing the highest level of confidentiality and integrity to your data.
The user-provided secret password is processed with one of the following HASH functions:
HAVAL, MD5, RMD, SHA-1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512 or TIGER.
The key used for EnCryption/DeCryption is calculated based on a user-provided typed
password or file-password. After several rounds of HASHing / SALTing the entered or
selected password, relying on cascading HASH functions, the result key will be used for
-Steganography: Data, files of just any type or any extension without exception, may be EnCrypted & Hidden, using 96Crypt, inside a graphic picture or a digital sound used as an "innocent container".
Several graphic images format are supported by 96Crypt: ( jpg, bmp, tga, tif, ras ) and
several digital sound format are supported as well: ( wav, au, snd, iff, svx, aif ).
-Compression: With a multi level compression scheme, EnCrypted files are even smaller.
A complete FOLDER with it's subfolders would be easily and quickly EnCrypted in one
single file.
-File Shredder: The shredded files with 96Crypt cannot even be identified with the most sophisticated file recovery tools. This is because the shredded file's content is null, its size has changed to zero, and its date has been modified to a random date and no more clusters are assigned to that file.
-CRC16 / CRC32 Checker-Modifier of any file or any hand-typed string. Registered version allows CRC16/32 file forging. Results may be easily printed or saved to an external file.
-HASH / MAC Checker of any file or any hand-typed string. Results may be easily printed or saved to an external file.
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