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Gpg4win description

The Gpg4win initiative aims to provide a current Gpg4win Windows installation package including the GnuPG encryption tool and associated applications. The documentation ("Gpg4win Compendium" and "Novices") is directly maintained as part of the Gpg4win project. Another goal is to support both relevant cryptographic standards, OpenPGP and S/MIME in a unified way. Gpg4win is an international effort. Due to the origin of the project and many members, there is a full German translation. Additional translators are welcome! The main difference compared to all similar approaches (mainly GnuPP, GnuPT, Windows Privacy Tools and GnuPG-Basics) is that the first piece developed was the Gpg4win-Builder. This builder allows to easily create new gpg4win.exe installers with updated components. It runs best on a GNU/Linux system. Almost all products are even automatically cross-compiled for integration into the installer. This concept raises hope to practically prevent quick aging of the installer package because updating is easier and does not depend on a single person. Gpg4win is an installer package for Windows (2000/XP/2003/Vista) with computer programs and handbooks for email and file encryption. Both relevant cryptography standards are supported, OpenPGP and S/MIME. Gpg4win and the software included with Gpg4win are Free Software (among other things free of charge for all commercial and non-commercial purposes). You can choose all or some of the following modules during installation: GnuPG: The core; this is the actual encryption tool. Kleopatra: A certificate manager for OpenPGP and X.509 (S/MIME) and common crypto dialogs. GPA: Another certificate manager for OpenPGP and X.509 (S/MIME). GpgOL: A plugin for Microsoft Outlook 2003 and 2007 (email encryption). GpgEX: A plugin for Microsoft Explorer (file encryption). Claws Mail: A complete email program including the plugin for GnuPG. Gpg4win Compendium: The new (German!) documentation about Gpg4win2 (translation already scheduled). Gpg4win for Novices: The old English handbook about Gpg4win1 (for newbies). Gpg4win can be installed and tested with just a few mouse clicks. Of course you should be administrator of your system or have administration rights. The best point to start is with the illustrative handbook Gpg4win for Novices. We recommend subscribing to the Gpg4win announcement mailing list to be automatically informed about new releases and other important Gpg4win news.Release notes: New ReleaseNew versions of GnuPG, Kleopatra, GpgEX, GpgOL, Claws.GnuPG: 2.0.17Kleopatra: 2.1.0 (2011-02-04)GPA: 0.9.1-svn1024GpgOL: 1.1.2GpgEX: 0.9.7Claws-Mail: 3.7.8cvs47Kompendium DE: 3.0.0Kompendium : 3.0.0-beta1 [ Gpg4win full changelog ]

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